NAKAMURA Face Milling Head

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Tool Holder Driven (Live Tooling)
BMT Axial Drilling-Milling Head
BMT Radial Drilling-Milling Head
BMT Radial Face Milling Head
BMT Radial Side Cutter Head
BMT Tapping Head
BMT U Drilling Head
BMT Universal Head
CITIZEN Drilling-Milling Heads
Japan Axial Drilling-Milling Heads
Japan Axial Quick Change Heads
Japan Axial Shell Milling Heads
Japan Hobbing Heads
Japan Radial Drilling-Milling Heads
Japan Radial Tapping Heads
Japan Universal Heads
Live Head without Hydraulic Motor
MAZAK H Type Milling-Drilling Head
MAZAK H Type Tapping Head
MAZAK V Type Milling-Drilling Head
MAZAK V Type Tapping Head
MIYANO Drilling-Milling Heads
MURATEC Drilling-Milling Heads
NAKAMURA Cutter Head
NAKAMURA Drilling-Milling Head
NAKAMURA Face Milling Head
NAKAMURA Radial Drilling-Milling Head
OKUMA Radial Drilling-Milling Heads
OKUMA Universal Heads
Quick Change Insert
Swiss-type Drilling-Milling Head
TAKAHASHI Radial Drilling-Milling Head
TAKAMAZ Drilling-Milling Heads
VDI Axial Drilling-Milling Head
VDI Axial Drilling-Milling Head Quick Change
VDI Axial Face Milling Head
VDI Axial Tapping Head
VDI Hobbing Head
VDI Radial Drilling-Milling Head
VDI Radial Drilling-Milling Head Quick Change
VDI Radial Face Milling Head
VDI Radial Tapping Head
VDI Universal Head
WASINO Axial Drilling-Milling Heads
WASINO Axial Face Milling Heads
WASINO Radial Drilling-Milling Heads
WASINO Side Cutting Heads


Live Center for Lathe

CNC Machines Accessories

Angular Head for CNC Machining Centers

Strong Chuck for Lathe


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DA44NA-22C NAKAMURA Face Milling Head DA44NA-22C

DMHJ-NADA-C - NAKAMURA Face Milling Head

  • To be used for collet DIN 6499
  • External coolant supply
  • Collet is not included

  • DA55NA-22C NAKAMURA Face Milling Head DA55NA-22C
    Order # Product Title Images
    DF65NA-22C-55-S NAKAMURA Face Milling Head DF65NA-22C-55-S

    DMHJ-NADF-22C - NAKAMURA Face Milling Head

  • To be used for collet DIN 6499
  • External Coolant supply
  • Collet is not included

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