BMT Facing Holder

CNC Milling Tool Holder

Tool Holder Static
Bar Puller
BMT Boring Bar Holder
BMT Cut-Off Holder
BMT Facing Holder
BMT Turning Holder
CITIZEN Boring Bar Holders
CITIZEN Turning Holders
Dovetail Boring Bar Holder
Dovetail Capto Holder
Dovetail Multiple Square Holder
Dovetail Side Lock Adaptor
Dovetail Turning Holder
Leadwell Boring Bar Holder
MAZAK Boring Bar Holders
MAZAK Cut-Off Holders
MAZAK Turning Holders
MAZAK U Drill Holder
MIYANO Boring Bar Holders
MIYANO Cut-Off Holders
MIYANO Turning Holders
MORI SEIKI Boring Bar Holders
MORI SEIKI Turning Holders
MURATEC Boring Bar Holders
MURATEC Turning Holders
NAKAMURA Boring Bar Holders
NAKAMURA Cut-Off Holders
NAKAMURA Turning Holders
OKUMA Boring Bar Holders
OKUMA Turning Holders
TAKAMAZ Boring Bar Holders
TAKAMAZ Turning Holders
VDI Adjustable Holders
VDI Axial Tool Holder
VDI Axial-Radial Tool Holder
VDI Boring Bar Holder
VDI Collet Chuck
VDI Cut-Off Holder
VDI Holder Blank
VDI Keyless Drill Chuck
VDI Morse Taper Holder
VDI Plug
VDI Radial Tool Holder
VDI Tap Holder
WASINO Boring Bar Holders
WASINO Turning Holders
WASINO U Drill Holder

Tool Holder Driven (Live Tooling)


Live Center for Lathe

CNC Machines Accessories

Angular Head for CNC Machining Centers

Strong Chuck for Lathe


Coupling Types

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Order # Product Title Images
NL1500-F25.4-100 BMT Facing Holder NL1500-F25.4-100

HLDR-FCHB-T003 - BMT Facing Holder


T03005-F25 BMT Facing Holder T03005-F25
Order # Product Title Images
DW220-F19.05-80 BMT Facing Holder DW220-F19.05-80

HLDR-FCHB-DW - BMT Facing Holder


DW220-F20-80 BMT Facing Holder DW220-F20-80
DW230-F20-70 BMT Facing Holder DW230-F20-70
DW230-F25-60 BMT Facing Holder DW230-F25-60
DW230-F25.4-60 BMT Facing Holder DW230-F25.4-60
DW300-F25-120 BMT Facing Holder DW300-F25-120
DW300-F25-82 BMT Facing Holder DW300-F25-82
DW300-F25.4-120 BMT Facing Holder DW300-F25.4-120
DW300-F25.4-82 BMT Facing Holder DW300-F25.4-82
DW350-F25-122 BMT Facing Holder DW350-F25-122
DW350-F25.4-122 BMT Facing Holder DW350-F25.4-122
DW350-F31.75-122 BMT Facing Holder DW350-F31.75-122
DW350-F32-122 BMT Facing Holder DW350-F32-122
DW700-F31.75-107 BMT Facing Holder DW700-F31.75-107
DW700-F31.75-138 BMT Facing Holder DW700-F31.75-138
DW700-F32-107 BMT Facing Holder DW700-F32-107
DW700-F32-138 BMT Facing Holder DW700-F32-138
Order # Product Title Images
0958203010 I.D. Tool Holder (Metric) BMT Facing Holder 0958203010 I.D. Tool Holder (Metric)

HLDR-FCHB-IDH - BMT Facing Holder


Order # Product Title Images
NZ2000-BMT-F25-85 BMT Facing Holder NZ2000-BMT-F25-85

HLDR-FCHB-F25 - BMT Facing Holder


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