Angle Head 90 degree AHL-CAT40-A3

Figure L30000704 : Angle Head 90 degree AHL-CAT40-A3
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Angle Head 90 degree AHL-CAT40-A3 Specification

Table L30000704 : Angle Head 90 degree AHL-CAT40-A3

Run-out:0.002 mm
Material:Alloy Steel
R.P.M.:Max. 4000 RPM
Torque:Max. 30 Nm
Gear Ratio:1 : 1
Spindle Type:BT, SK(ISO), CAT
Standard Accessory:Open End Wrench, ER Wrench, ER Nut
Output Rotation:Reverse to Input Rotation


Angular Head Light Type
Angular Head Light AHL (A2) type provides high precision and rigidity. Compact and lighter body design of the Angular Head AHL (A2) type is suitable for drilling, milling, and tapping applications. The angular head AHL (A2) type can be installed on the ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) device, which enables autochange of tools, thus increasing productivity. Due to the enclosed positioning pin - it allows higher clamping force at any cutting direction from 0 ~ 360 degree. Wide selection of tool shanks is available: BT, SK(ISO), CAT.

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VDI Tool holder best Canadian seller

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