VDI Universal Head DA50-5480-ER25B

Figure L30000201 : VDI Universal Head DA50-5480-ER25B
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VDI Universal Head DA50-5480-ER25B Specification

Table L30000201 : VDI Universal Head DA50-5480-ER25B

Tool Holder Turret Interface:
  • Turret: N/S
  • Tooling Interface: VDI-50
  • Power Coupling: DIN5480
  • Y Axis: N/S

Part No.D
DIN 69880
DIN 5480
DA30-5480-ER20B301~13 ER20354000?90?645954322767W16x0.8
DA30-5480-ER20B-100301~13 ER20354000?90?6458.6473227100W16x0.8
DA40-5480-ER25B401~16 ER25424000?90?766565382970W20x0.8
DA50-5480-ER25B501~16 ER25424000?90?908076.5453285W24x1.25
DA60-5480-ER40B603~26 ER40634000?90?1089992.5553897W30x1.25
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  • To be used for collet DIN 6499
  • Power coupling according to DIN 5480
  • External Coolant supply
  • Collet is not included

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